SANCLEAN™ Advanced Hygienic Coating
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100ml [1 Bottle + 1 Device]100ml [3 Bottles + 3 Devices]100ml [1 Bottle Only] Refill35ml [1 Bottle + 1 Device]35ml [3 Bottles + 3 Devices]

Total protection against harmful bacteria, pesky odors and dangerous pathogens

You’ll receive our SanClean™ Advanced Hygienic Coating along with the easy-to-use Mister applicator

The SanClean™ Advanced Hygienic Coating is a revolutionary disinfecting agent that will consistently eliminates harmful bacteria, microbes, and pathogens. Simply spray on surfaces to sterilize and help draw out impurities from the air. 

Eliminates harmful germs and microbes

Eliminates odour and prevents fungal growth

Toxic free and non alcohol content
Safe for children and pets

Low maintenance and cost saving

Non stop protection 24/7 up to 90 days

Five-star reviews

SanClean™ Hygienic Solution is an all-in-one solution for keeping your workspaces and living spaces germ-free. Using naturally-derived ingredients and state-of-the-art technology, the SanClean™ offers round-the-clock protection against germs. 

Conventional Spray Bottle

Regular spray bottles are lack of consistency with large droplet size therefore streaks will occur. Often uneven spraying pattern will usually lead to overspraying.

Advanced Nano Mist Sprayer

Our Glazer device produces the finest ionic stream of mist continuously that will leave no streaks and is able to provide a consistent uniform coating layer across all surfaces.



Car Interior

Door Handle

Children's Toys

Working Tools

Personal Belonging